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ClassiCon what matters in the end are things that remain. at classicon, we are dedicated to these timeless companions. our name stands for the unmistakable combination of classic and contemporary, the classics of today and those of tomorrow. what they all have in common is that form and function prevail beyond trends and fashions. we enjoy having them around because they are outstandingly designed, carefully selected, and produced with the enormous passion of craftsmanship. time is unable to harm them; instead, they gain in stature as time goes by.
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ClassiCon although our designers and their designs are cosmopolitan, we are down-to-earth when it comes to the selection of our production partners. classicon furniture is mainly produced by handicraft businesses in the munich area as well as in italy. many of them are family-run com- panies, and we have known them personally for a long time; all of them are masters of their trade. they share our passion for the best materials and precision craftsmanship. because of this, the highest quality standards and uncompromising sustainability are an integral part of our furniture from the beginning. they can be recognised by the classicon logo lettering, which unmistakably marks our originals.
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ClassiCon a place for visions and views: the place where its history begins is as timelessly classic as our furniture. since 2003, classicon’s showroom, offices and warehouse have been located in a building designed for us by architect joachim jürke. with its reduced aesthetics, materials such as glass, concrete and wood, and a consistently sustainable orientation it is a symbol of our philosophy to always focus on the essential.
ClassiCon an appreciated part of us sooner or later, and who accompanies us through life wherever
ClassiCon it may take us. this is the kind of furniture we produce.
ClassiCon good furniture is like a good friend: somebody we like to have around, who becomes
ClassiCon our furniture is a commitment to substance and quality – in private spaces as well as in offices, lobbies, business premises and hotels. we closely cooperate with designers and manufacturers and are therefore able to quickly and reliably realise individual requests. matching the appropriate project and the person behind it.
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