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Boffi m16 / 2016
Boffi mawari / g. pilgrims 2019
Boffi olimpia / 2008
Boffi mitica / m. luca 2005
Boffi boffi
Boffi ma/u studio
Boffi k5 / n. wangen 2019
Boffi chesto / p. nourget 2014
Boffi sen / k. oshiro 2016/2018
Boffi r.i.g. modules / m. harrsen 2012
Boffi when light reflects off of matter, the human eye deciphers the
Boffi luminous rays and translates them into tangible objects for us to see for the very first time. our search for beauty starts here as we begin to perceive the manmade and natural environment around us, looking for items that uplift us and make us pause in reflection. in the world of interiors, boffi, together with its partner brands de padova, ma/u studio and adl, has embarked on a journey to develop living spaces where everyday objects are transformed before our eyes into works that inspire us and encourage us to rethink how we interact with our surroundings. raw, essential materials such as stone, wood and metal are transformed into precious objects; matter is refashioned into inventive forms to fit perfectly into our daily routine. the result is a collection of unique spaces that are tailored to accommodate an individual’s needs. this publication presents a curated selection of the latest designs from boffi, de padova, ma/u studio and adl, who now work in close collaboration as a single group to offer integrated interior solutions. browse through the following pages to explore a variety of contemporary living spaces designed to convey a modern aesthetic and refined beauty. what catches your eye?