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Boffi the devil’s in the detail, they say
Boffi a shadow play repre- sentation of the world
Boffi individual touches of light crowd in like fireflies
Boffi space
Boffi linear
Boffi ill your
Boffi ir
Boffi ungs with
Boffi he fresh
Boffi orning
Boffi lose your
Boffi yes and
Boffi dynamic energy traverses the atmosphere of these wide attic rooms
Boffi refraction of light. where light touches upon matter, wavelengths are sent into our pupils, which translate them into tangible objects. the reality that surrounds us is all about the way we perceive it: our very eye structures our environment according to what we understand of it. humanly, we are bound to seek beauty in the world we inhabit. this is why boffi has joined forces with depadova and ma/u to redraw the map of home living. our mission unfolds at the crucial intersection between objects and our perception of them, in the special, potential place of a vision about to embody itself into the ideal living space. raw, essential materials such as stone, wood and metal are transformed into precious objects; matter remoulds itself to accommodate the shapes of human life, to create unique living spaces tailored to the needs of the people who choose to inhabit them. the publication you are holding in your hands gathers a handpicked selection of our newest design solutions, devised in close collaboration by the three brands belonging to the group: boffi, depadova and ma/u. what catches your eye? discover it with us over the next few pages.
Boffi vision is nothing but the human eye’s interpretation of the
Boffi pure
Boffi precious luxuries