IMIT: leader in thermoregulation

for over a hundred years.


Since 1917, at IMIT we have always discussed solutions. We began with electromechanics,

becoming the leaders in temperature regulation. We are constantly at the forefront of

technology and have invested all the experience gained in millions of products installed in

the best home appliances and in the most diverse appliances all over the world. While we

have upheld the same principle since the dawn of our company: solutions, first of all.


The IMIT CONTROL SYSTEM philosophy has decided to take up the challenge: new products,

absolute quality, immediate processes, with a careful and above all a concrete look at

renewable energies.

There is no innovation without solid skills to start with.

Our products are the best that thermoregulation can offer: functionality and simplicity of use,

integration and professionalism, design and energy saving.

Product quality

Using the skills acquired by the company, employees, suppliers and customers is the only

one way to obtain a quality standard adapted to new technologies and the pressing demand

for renewal.

The constant goal of the IMIT CONTROL SYSTEM is quality in all stages of production, as well as

proposing the ideal solutions, guaranteeing the highest quality and respecting the deadlines

agreed with customers.

Customer service

An excellent degree of efficiency may also be verified through the competence and

organisation of customer service where the customer is able to find expert and reliable


The IMIT CONTROL SYSTEM brings together the know-how of our long experience both in the

electromechanical field and in the electronic field, including our customised industrial and

civil solutions to make customised equipment for any need.

Our presence

Our IMIT CONTROL SYSTEM reaches over 1,000 customers all over the world. We have sales

networks available in our different specialised market areas both for the Industry and the

Distribution sectors.

We are also able to guarantee a qualified pre-sales and after-sales service, both for

mechanical and electronic equipment.