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Oli oliflex d.p. air pps-inox and d.p. air pps-rame is the ideal system
Oli oliflex s.p. inox is the patented stainless steel aisi 316, ideal for the
Oli oliflex pps è il sistema di scarico fumi in polimero plastico modulare
Oli oliflex pps is the chimney systems in modular plastic polymer, both rigid
Oli oliflex s.p. inox è il sistema fumario, brevettato, in acciaio inox aisi
Oli oliflex d.p. air pps-inox e d.p. air pps-rame è il sistema idoneo
Oli ga s oil
Oli h2
Oli oliflex d.p. inox 25 and d.p. rame 25 is the chimney systems with
Oli oliflex d.p. inox 25 e d.p. rame 25 è il sistema di scarico ad elementi
Oli oliflex d.p. air inox-inox e d.p. air inox-rame è un sistema idoneo
Oli oliflex s.p. inox nero pellet, in stainless steel aisi 316 is ideal to dispose
Oli oliflex s.p. inox nero pellet, in acciaio inox aisi 316 idoneo per
Oli oliflex d.p. air inox-inox and d.p. air inox-rame is a chimney systems ideal
Oli fire protection il sistema oliflex fire protection è stato studiato per
Oli the oliflex fire protection has been studied to help eradicate the long-
Oli the company and the markets
Oli pps-pvc coaxial kit
Oli fire protection (passage to the roof g00)
Oli plant - portugal
Oli since it was founded in 1954, the company has continuously renewed and improved its products, thus earning a position of prestige and credibility in international circuits. the quality and reliability of the products and the ability to supply a rapid and efficient after-sales service are the basis of the success that oli has constructed by adopting a rigorous and methodical work approach. the excellence of the products is constantly verified by tests that are performed in compliance with the most severe international standards. oli is part of the silmar group, an industrial reality experiencing continuous growth on the international markets where it has been leader for over 30 years in the heating sector, in the fusion of aluminium alloys and in the plumbing systems sector. in particular, oli produces and markets products and systems for heating and plumbing systems and is a reference point in the production of flush cisterns and systems, mechanisms and components for ceramic cisterns.
Oli oli commercial activities extend to all continents with a presence in over 60 international markets. this extensive coverage reflects the ability of oli to adapt the characteristics of its products to different installation practices and uses and above all to meet the different standard requirements, that often differ from one country to another. these are some of the most important international markets where oli is well known and appreciated: australia, egypt, holland, uk, france, germany, greece, hong kong, united arab emirates, russia, saudi arabia, spain, japan, south africa, new zealand, iran, india, brasil, venezuela, chile, mexico, colombia, peru, norway, finland and denmark.
Oli plant - italy
Oli bim was born from the desire to go towards the collaboration between designers, the interoperability of different software, the integration between processes and sustainability. oli, always attentive to satisfy both customers and market needs, offers to professionals a new tool that will allow them to work in a more organised, productive and collaborative manner. all oli products have been developed in bim objects, directly downloadable from his site www.oli-world.com in format revit.
Oli the certification on the iso 50001:2011 energy management system obtained by oli in 2017 and the release of the second sustainability report 2016-2017 confirm the green soul of oli and its products.
Oli our attention to quality has enabled us to obtain certifications both for our company, in compliance with iso 9001 and for our products: all products in the oli range are manufactured in compliance with the most important international standards (france, germany, england, switzerland, australia, south africa, etc.) and are able to meet the system requirements of plumbers, planners and heating technicians.
Oli pressure class up to 200 pa (class p1)
Oli pellet fuel
Oli wet - condensation
Oli pressure class up to 5,000 pa (class h1)
Oli biomass fuel - wood - woodchips domestic kitchen hood
Oli external painted finish similar to antique copper
Oli external painted finish in ral cod
Oli soot fire roof protection
Oli sootfire resistance gas fuel
Oli external copper finish
Oli liquid fuel - diesel
Oli corrosion resistance class
Oli for the evacuation of condensing boilers combustion products. his main collocation is outside the building.
Oli and flexible, suitable for the evacuation of all combustion products coming from condensing boilers and kitchen vapours. it has always to be installed in technical cavity/technical loop or inside the thermal power plant.
Oli oli can offer a complete range of certified chimney systems that can satisfy all installation needs requested by different kind of generators and fuels existing on the market.
Oli evacuation of combustion products coming from generators working with any kind of fuel; ideal also for kitchen vapours, both domestic and industrial.
Oli modular elements, with high-density mineral wool in between, ideal for the evacuation of fumes coming from gas, diesel, wood and pellet generators.
Oli running problem of fire in roofs and attics that create huge problems to people and things every year. tested following uni en 1856/1 at the temperature of 1000°c for 30 minutes, it can be installed on attics or wooden (and any other combusting material) roofs.
Oli of the combustion products coming from pellet stoves in domestic installations. the external finish, made with thermosetting epoxy resin, fits elegantly in domestic environments.
Oli for the discharge of combustion products of “c” type condensing boilers and for pellet generators, where the temperature will be lower than 200°c.
Oli evacuation of all combustion products coming from condensing boilers and kitchen vapours. it has always to be installed in technical cavity/technical loop or inside the thermal power plant.
Oli oliflex pps is the chimney systems in modular plastic polymer, both rigid and flexible, suitable for the
Oli straight pipe.
Oli 93° elbow.
Oli 45° elbow.
Oli flexible pipe with rubber seals.
Oli 45° male tee.
Oli 93° elbow with inspection.
Oli 93° male reducing tee from ø 80 or ø 100 mm (d
Oli bim (building information modeling)
Oli bim