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Rak Ceramics
Rak Ceramics technical characteristics - glazed porcelain tiles (bia)
Rak Ceramics technical characteristics - gres white body tiles (biia)
Rak Ceramics line wood
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Rak Ceramics inspired by the essence of oak, line wood is a glazed gres porcelain tile with a fabulous wooden effect in size 19.5x120 cm. the advanced ceramic digital printing technology replicates the natural look and feel of wood effects. to add value, apart from 19.5x120cm plank size decorations, line wood also consists of unique hexagonal decors in gres white body for creating beautiful combinations. line wood can be conveniently used in the residential areas, living and dining rooms, open space areas, bedrooms, children’s room, bathroom and also bars, restaurants and outdoor spaces such as verandas and gazebo. it can be conveniently combined both with marble and brick effect inspired tiles.
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