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Andersen 60 x 36 x h51 cm (1 compartment) 60 x 36 x h32 cm (1 compartment) 118 x 36 x h51 cm (2 compartments) 118 x 36 x h32 cm (2 compartments) leg height: 24 cm
Andersen design : bykato
Andersen the s2 is much more than a shelving system. it pro- vides a wealth of possibilities for creating your own personal storage space, for your own personal needs. you can give it your own personal look by combining shapes, types of wood and colours as you please. el- ements in four different sizes are the mainstay of the s2 system. these come in solid oak, ash or walnut with visible dowel joints. you can also choose s2 as black painted. you then have complete freedom to de- sign your own shelving system with doors and draw- ers in countless combinations and colours, and you can add partitions and shelves in five different widths. hang the s2 on the wall, or place one or more ele- ments on the elegant, mat black metal legs. can you see the potential?
Andersen pure potential
Andersen s2