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Mutina creativity comes from the hearth, from the soul.
Mutina ceramics is like glass, a very intense matter that belongs to the earth.
Mutina mutina has the size that i like.
Mutina a journey into space where no man has gone before.
Mutina i’ve used the tiles as canvas.
Mutina materials for me are a means to an end.
Mutina you can trust that you will have a very creative relationship.
Mutina do you say mùtina? it’s mutìna, isn’t it? mùtina then.
Mutina i treasure encounters, the real ones.
Mutina my eternal desire is to create something that doesn’t exist.
Mutina we want design to embrace people.
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Mutina urge for creativity vision and creation design and matter together in an infinite dialogue identity and openness ethics and friendship as imperative values to build something powerful tireless innovation sensitivity and research awareness for what surrounds us because nature is our only future love for art beauty pureness emotions we want to get to the deepest essence of things, subtract weight release substance less fuss more lightness simplicity is the key to move straightforward to a new future.
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