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ClassiCon if we were to go off in search of the ideal place where future and past can meet in order to communicate about the present, the classicon building in munich would be our first choice. the company headquarters, including offices, warehouse and showrooms have been located in this building since 2003. the design by joachim jürke is made of glass, concrete and wood, and thus complies with our vision of the responsible handling of honest materials, the conservation of the resources such as abstaining from climate technology and our focus on durability and the reduction to the essential. from its green rooftop terrace the building offers magnificent views of the alps.
ClassiCon a place for visions and views
ClassiCon the classicon brand stands for quality, individuality and timeless aesthetics – regardless of passing fashions. from the outset, we have aspired not only to offer pieces by established figures such as eileen gray and eckart muthesius, but also to foster contemporary design and present selected examples in our programme. that’s why classicon has always been open to new design ideas that display the kind of quality and advanced form that can measure up to our classics. more important than the degree of fame achieved by the designer is a demonstrated fascination with new formal concepts and an enthusiasm for functional reinterpretation. this focus helps classicon to continually discover exciting young designers, who often bring their first products to market with us before rising to international prominence. we enjoy this kind of mutually beneficial collaboration with international designers and architects including konstantin grcic, sauerbruch hutton, barber osgerby, sebastian herkner, neri&hu and jader almeida.
ClassiCon modern design with timeless aesthetics
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ClassiCon our pieces of furniture are collector’s items – not only the modern 20th century classics but also the masterpieces of the present. we aim, above all, to produce individual pieces of great originality and formal perfection – products that in decades to come will still be every bit as exceptional and up-to-date as the day they left the drawing board. these things witness our responsibility towards nature, the careful handling of materials and a formal understanding that goes far beyond fashionable trends. since this attitude becomes visible in each of our pieces, their value stands the test of time and they remain desirable for generations to come.
ClassiCon true quality stands the test of time
ClassiCon handmade in germany
ClassiCon our furniture is not machine-made in series, but rather passes through the hands of many experienced craftspeople. all of them are specialists in working with materials such as wood, glass or metal, or masters in the fields of upholstery, surface treatment or finishing. as a family enterprise, classicon works with small and medium-sized owner-operated businesses. almost all of them are located in germany, most of them in the immediate vicinity of our munich headquarters. due to this vicinity and the mainly handmade production we can also offer individual versions of our contemporary furniture in the case of larger quantities. custom-tailored items are developed in a project-related way and appropriately manufactured. our products thus benefit from the close collaboration between designers, developers and suppliers, and therefore counteract the omnipresent throwaway mentality. the experience of the specialists with material selection and processing ensures durable products that stand the test of time in their technology and aesthetics, age in dignity and can be used through generations.
ClassiCon design, function and quality at the highest level plus a good amount of emotion – that’s our goal: furni- ture design that convinces and can accompany people throughout their lives. as something reliable and beautiful that is used and appreciated and, at best, passed on. here, you can encounter friends and companions who share our enthusiasm for design and craftsmanship.
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