Tailored clipping

The scissors (or crop tool) allows you to cut out a portion of the page.

In this way it is possible to extract the specifications of a product, a photo, a dimensioned drawing… and subsequently send the image by email or insert it into a project or quotation.


In this article I will explain how to best use this tool and how to take advantage of new features that we have recently introduced which make it even more practical and versatile.

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Keyboard shortcuts

If you use Pinaxo from your PC or Mac you can perform numerous actions or select tools simply by pressing a button.


Keyboard shortcuts are a great convenience however…¬†¬†what are these keys? ¬†and above all…¬†¬†how do you remember them all?

It’s very simple, in fact you only have to remember one: the H key…in fact you don’t even have to remember it!¬†Pinaxo¬† reminds you as soon as you open a document.

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