Send us a price list!

Do you have a PDF price list of a company not present on Pinaxo or do you have a document-update that has not been yet published?

From the Pinaxo webpage just click on Upload a price list and send us the document.

Our staff will take care of create the new brand (if necessary) and properly put in place the price list.

Then, the document will be at your disposal and at disposal of all you colleagues on Pinaxo !

To know the details read this very short post (1 min rerading)…

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What are the most requested products on the market?

…the products for which the professional or private individual most frequently asks informations?

What are the items that are most frequently included in quotations or orders and which perhaps should be kept in stock or for which it may be appropriate to request better commercial conditions?

Pinaxo gives you the opportunity to get significant informations on the matter on the new Trends page.

We have added a link on each company’s page that gives you immediate access to the list of products that are most searched for and consulted.

You can also see how these trends evolve over the years.

Discover the details in this very short article…

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Tailored clipping

The scissors (or crop tool) allows you to cut out a portion of the page.

In this way it is possible to extract the specifications of a product, a photo, a dimensioned drawing… and subsequently send the image by email or insert it into a project or quotation.


In this article I will explain how to best use this tool and how to take advantage of new features that we have recently introduced which make it even more practical and versatile.

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Keyboard shortcuts

If you use Pinaxo from your PC or Mac you can perform numerous actions or select tools simply by pressing a button.


Keyboard shortcuts are a great convenience however…¬†¬†what are these keys? ¬†and above all…¬†¬†how do you remember them all?

It’s very simple, in fact you only have to remember one: the H key…in fact you don’t even have to remember it!¬†Pinaxo¬† reminds you as soon as you open a document.

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