Send us a price list!

Do you have a PDF price list of a company not present on Pinaxo or do you have a document-update that has not been yet published?

From the Pinaxo webpage just click on Upload a price list and send us the document.

Our staff will take care of create the new brand (if necessary) and properly put in place the price list.

Then, the document will be at your disposal and at disposal of all you colleagues on Pinaxo !

To know the details read this very short post (1 min rerading)…

On the topmost part ot the Pinaxo web page is present this button:   

Just click and you’ll land on the “send a document” page…



Now you can click on Select the PDF file to upload… and choose a file on your PC or, more simply, just drag the PDF file from the Desktop and drop it into the frame with the plus + symbol.

Wait a few moments while the file is uploaded to the server (a progress bar appears showing the advancement status).

If you deem it necessary, you may send us informations related to the uploaded file by using the “Message” field.

Finally click the Send button.




What happens now?


In the lower part of the window all the files you sent us are listed and, for each one, is specified where they have been located on the Pinaxo library.

The file you have just sent will be taken in charge by our staff within a short time (usually an hour or less).

If the brand is already present on the platform the file will be placed there. Otherwise we’ll take care to create a new brand to host it.

We’ll assign the document the correct description, product category, validity start date.

If the new document replaces a pre-existing one, this will expire.



What kind of documents can you send us?


We accept official price lists and catalogues of any manufacturer.

We do not accept reserved price lists or documents, price lists with net prices, price lists valid for only one or few resellers, techical sheets or brochures or single products.

Non-compliant documents will not be published on Pinaxo.

You can check the status of a price list sent on the list on the “send document” page.





On Pinaxo there are several hundred companies whose price lists and catalogs are currently updated by our staff thanks to direct relationships with the respective producers.

But, there are many companies on the market, many more than those we are responsible for updating.

However, Pinaxo should also be considered as a large container into which you and your collaborators can load additional companies.

You can recognize companies whose content is feeded by users subscribed to Pinaxo because under the company name you read ⚠️ Documents uploaded by clients

Our staff takes care to keep all the received material properly ordered.

At the same time you and your colleagues have instant access -and from a single access point- to all the documents of all the suppliers you work with.